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General Terms & Conditions
All offices and operations within the Elite Global Logistics group of companies operates under the terms and conditions specific to their territory and/or region, which may be the terms and conditions of a third-party trade association or other organisation. These terms and conditions cover our business activities globally and may remove our liability in part or in full. We invite you to read the terms and conditions (see links below) specific to your territory and/or region and the Elite Global Logistics office through which you have contracted your business, either in written form or verbally and ensure that these terms and conditions are fully understood and are acceptable to you and your organisation (this includes you as an employee, a consultant, freelance operator, agent, or other representative being and that you have the authority to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the organisation that you are representing).

In the absence of written non-acceptance, either in part or in full of our terms and conditions, Elite Global Logistics will assume when carrying out business for, or on our customers’ behalf, that you, as our client, have fully read and understood the relevant terms and conditions applicable to you and your organisation and have accepted them in full.

In the event that you require any further information or clarification of these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to request our further assistance

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