Niamey, Niger 2018

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In early 2018 Elite Global Logistics were approached by a European defence procurement agency to initially consult on preliminary planning for the operations required to transport the full infrastructure necessary for the construction of a German military base in Niamey, Niger. Upon successful completion we were awarded the full contract to carry out all operations from all the collection points in Europe, through to delivery in Niamey.

Working in close partnership with the local governments involved and the necessary agencies and authorities, we were able to rapidly turn the original plans into action and commence operations within 7 days, including the first of eleven cargo charter aircraft. We deployed Elite Global operatives to Malpensa Airport, Milan, headed by Kevin Rapp, to receive all equipment arriving from the various European suppliers, then oversee the preparation formalities, security procedures, EU export customs, documentation, loading of the aircraft and aircraft departure to Africa.
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An advance dedicated team was also sent to Niamey, headed by Richard Broomfield, to start meeting with and liaising with the various local agencies, making all necessary arrangements, then meeting the charter aircraft and airfreight shipments upon arrival into NIM. We then supervised all unloading, handling, local import customs clearances, waivers and the eventual coordination airside of all loading and local transport to the nearby base. This included daily meetings with the Nigerien, German, French and American armed forces to coordinate the safe arrival at the base areas and all security formalities due to the heightened risks in a very sensitive and dangerous location. Due to the size and weight of certain items it was often necessary to coordinate the temporary runway closure to all air traffic, both military and civilian, to facilitate the direct movement across the tarmac and surrounding airside land into the base.

Shipments totalling 3000 tons were moved by air, ocean and road, during a 3 month period…
◼︎ 7 x Antonov AN124 cargo charter flights from Milan Malpensa to Niamey, Niger - (770,000 kgs)
◼︎ 4 x Boeing 747 F cargo charter flights from Milan Malpensa to Niamey, Niger - (480,000 kgs)
◼︎ 22 x scheduled airfreight shipments from various European cities to Niamey, Niger - (660,000 kgs)
◼︎ 80 x 40 ft containers from various European cities to Niamey Niger via Cotonou, Benin - (1,090,000 kgs)

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